The excellence of Top Gear Transmissions rests on its four pillars.

Customer Centric Approach

Top Gear’s specifically dedicated stringent Quality Assurance Plan (QAP) makes sure that our range of Gear boxes fulfills the customer’s needs and expectations.

Our QAP Ensures that manufacturing process of Gear box passes through stringent quality norms beginning from raw material sourcing in process online checking to assembly dispatch point and finally to installation.

All employees of our organization and specially our Quality team strictly adhere to the QAP and any deviation from the same is deemed unacceptable, so that the final quality of Gearbox is achieved without any compromises.

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R & D

Our R & D team strives continuously towards challenging and changing needs of customers as well as giving cost benefits by performing value engineering and developing new products for new applications in the industry

After Sales Service

Our service is not only limited till product delivery but we also extend our capabilities for customer benefit for utilization of supplied products for more than value paid. Our engineering team ensures the proper installations and commissioning of the products.To top it off our team of service engineers are ready to assure to respond within 24hrs with respective support. We are backed up with strong and dedicated spares part division with sufficient inventory of spares.

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We strongly believe in the organizational success lies in strong motivated people.

We continuously develop people with on job training and classroom training sessions which ultimately gives us meshed result of organizational success.

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