Planetary Gearbox Manufacturer

Our continuous R&D and experience of more than two decades have enabled us to Cater the growing needs and requirements of various industrial applications by offering a wide series of modular design planetary gearboxes, with different Mountings (foot, flange, shaft) and different input and output configurations (Solid, Hollow, Splined, shrink disc etc.). High flexibility and customization to suit various mountings for particular applications, high efficiency, high torque to weight ratio (compact) and wide range of gear ratios have helped us to carve out our name as “Prominent Manufacturers of planetary gearboxes”.

In this PDF you get the following information

    • Can be offered in multiple input & output configurations.
    • Wide range of reduction ratios and torque selection
    • Modular construction
    • Interchangeability of parts
    • Co-axial drives
    • High overhang load capacity
    • Special series available with taper roller bearings to take care of high radial and thrust loads

      Chemical, Paint and Pharma
    • Agitator
    • Rotary Vaccum Dryer
    • Rotary Drum Filter
    • Ribbon Blender
    • Reactor Vessel
    • Rotocon Blender
    • Sulphonator
    • Rotary Air Lock Valve

      Textile Machinery
    • Drum Washer
      Material Handling
    • Screw feeder
    • Screw Conveyors
    • Belt Conveyors
    • Ash Handling Conveyor
    • Bottle Conveyor
    • Coal Handling Conveyor
    • Chain Conveyors
    • Iron ore Handling Conveyor

      Construction Machinery
    • Concrete Mixer
    • Concrete Finisher
      Steel Plants
    • Rolling Mill
    • Billet Conveyor
    • Reclaimer- Ore Handling
    • Ladle Tilting
    • Tundish Car Drive
    • Oscillator
    • Wire Feeder
    • Furnace Trolley Drive
      Machine Tools
    • Plastic Machinery
    • Packaging Machinery
    • Waste Processing Machine
    • Brick Making Machine
    • Baking Machinery
    • Tea Making machinery
    • ESP Wrapping machine
      Power Plant
    • Ash Handling conveyor
    • Coal Handling Conveyor
    • Rotary Air Lock Valve
    • Travelling Grate
    • Screw Conveyor
    • Screw Feeder
    • Baggase Feeder
    • Baggase Extractor
      Sugar Industry
    • Cane pusher
    • Rake Elevator
    • Inter Rake Carrier
    • Bagasse Elevator
    • Main Bagasse Carrier
    • Return Bagasse Carrier
    • Magma Pumps
    • Elevator
    • Bag Handling Coneyors
      Mines and Minerals
    • Thikners & Clarifiers
    • Settler
    • Agitator
    • Spiral Classifier
      Wood working Machinery
    • Wood Peeling Machine
    • Rounder Machine
    • Cutter Machine
    • Wood chopper Machine
      Paper and Pulp
    • Pressurized Rectifier Roll Type
    • Shredder
    • Thickener
      Cement Industry
    • Aggregate Handling Conveyor
    • Apron Feeder
    • Conveyor
      Stone/Marble Industry
    • Sand Washer
    • Line Polisher Machine- Belt Conveyor
      Rubber Processing Machines
    • Tilt Discharge Dispersion Kneader
    • Mixing Mill
      Water Treatment
    • Aerators
    • Clarifiers
    • Sewage Water Treatment

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