shaft mounted planetary gearbox

We are the leading manufacturer of the shaft mounted planetary gearbox

Shaft Mounted Planetary Gearbox

Top gear offers wide range of Shaft mounted planetary drive in two different variants. First , Inline planetary drive with rigid coupling for its intended use in various application, and second, combination of planetary and spur gearing with hollow output shaft suitable for various applications like sugar & chemical industries where motor and output shaft are off-centre.

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    Specifications of shaft mounted planetary gearbox

    Planetary Gearbox Power


    1 Kw to 75 Kw

    planetary gearbox tarque

    Torque Capacity

    10000 Nm to 75000 Nm

    planetary gearbox speed

    Gear Ratio

    3:1 to 4000:1

    planetary gearbox mounting

    Output Shaft Dia

    50 mm to 350 mm

    Key Features of shaft mounted planetary gearbox

    • Available with shaft mounting
    • Available with hollow shaft with shrink disc or Available with rigid coupling
    • Flexible orientation in multiple direction
    • Input hollow to suit electric motor or input available with solid shaft to be driven through belt
    • Torque arm available with gearbox and has single end mounting or double end mounting

    BENEFITS OF shaft mounted planetary gearbox

    Efficient drives

    Less maintenance.

    Huge Power Savings

     High torque transmission in compact size

    Cost benefit to customer due to elimination of output coupling

    Increased life due to elimination of missallignment errors

    PRODUCT APPLICATIONS OF shaft mounted planetary gearbox

    Chemical Paint and Pharma
    • Agitator Nuetshe Filter

    Sugar Industry
    • Cane Carrier
    • Crystallized
    • Pug Mills
    • Magma Mixer
    Material Handling
    • Slat Conveyor

    Paper and Pulp Industry
    • Disc Filter

    FAQ About shaft mounted planetary gearbox

    The sugar industry has sugar cane crushing mill with 2 or 3 rollers and these rollers are driven by single or multiple gearbox called as Mill drive Gearbox

    A mill gearbox has got typical shaft end which is Square in shape to connect a coupling to drive rollers. Milldrie gearbox consists of forced lubrication system.

    Earlier in sugar industries mills were driven by a gas turbine which is connected to mill roller with two different helical gearboxes and open gearing. This type of conventional arrangement resulted into huge efficiency and power losses. After an innovation planetary gearboxes resulted into less efficiency loss and reduced power consumption.

    A Foot mounted milldrive is a single gearbox that drives three rollers which are connected with each others with the help of pinions. Whereas, in case of shaft mounted mill drive the gearbox is directly mounted on individual rollers which eliminates the need of in between pinions.

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