Being Associated with Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre (VSSC) as its Planetary Gearbox Manufacturer!

Being Associated with Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre (VSSC) as its Planetary Gearbox Manufacturer!

The planetary gearbox is an essential component that drives machines, devices, and equipment. Although a conventional part, it forms the basis for modern-day devices such as robots, 3D printing machines, etc. As a critical component, organizations, especially like VSSC, prefer working with the best planetary gearbox manufacturers in India. They look for factors like precision, efficiency, and ease of maintenance to get a robust and durable product.

VSSC recently finalized Top Gear Transmission as its planetary gearbox manufacturer, and which constitutes another feather in Top Gear’s cap. This blog shares five reasons that qualified Top Gear Transmission as VSSC’s planetary gearbox manufacturing company.

5 Factors that Highlight Top Gear Transmission’s Capabilities to be VSSC’s Manufacturing Partner

  • Reliability and Credibility

Besides being the leading planetary gearbox manufacturers in India, Top Gear Transmission is one of the most reliable and credible ones. The company has been in its line of business for over two decades and has delivered results through a range of excellent-quality transmission products, including modular planetary gearbox.

  • Market Reputation

Top Gear Transmission is the planetary gearbox manufacturer of many private and public sector companies. It includes NALCO, NLC, NTPC, BEL, HAL, BHEL, etc. Besides, the company continues to create its footprint across the globe by manufacturing highly efficient, cost-effective, and reliable transmission products to a range of OEMs. Such a diverse experience gives it a competitive edge to qualify as VSSC’s gearbox manufacturing partner.

  • Range of Gearbox Products

Top Gear manufactures a broad array of modular planetary gearbox products with essential features such as high torque transmission, ratio 3.6 to 100000, power 0.17 to 100kW, output mounting arrangement, customized input high load-bearing capacity. Besides, additional benefits such as operational ease, low maintenance, less noise, and energy-efficiency are other reasons that make Top Gear Transmission the top choice for planetary gearboxes.

  • Cost-Effective Planetary Gearbox

Top Gear is a prudent choice when it comes to the planetary gearbox price in India as well. The company manufactures high-quality and efficient planetary gearboxes at a reasonable cost. Besides, factors such as cost-effective post-installation services help prominent organizations such as VSSC make cost-savings in the long run.

  • State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Capabilities and Infrastructure

The company boasts about the latest cutting-edge manufacturing technology and a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. Besides, the company’s approach towards continual improvement and the practice of setting higher quality benchmarks for itself, makes it a company with which reputed organizations prefer working.

About Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre

Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre is a prominent research center of ISRO. The organization focuses on rocket and space vehicles to support India’s satellite programs. The organization is named after Dr. Vikram Sarabhai, who is considered to be the father of Indian space programs. Situated in Thiruvananthapuram, VSSC is an indigenous facility that develops a range of sounding rockets and launch vehicles.

About Top Gear Transmission

Top Gear Transmission is among the leading planetary gearbox manufacturers in India. It manufactures planetary drives, belt drives, helical gearboxes, geared motors, winches, hoist drives, planetary mill drives, cycloid drives, centrifuge drives, and customized drives. Besides, the company adopts the best gearbox manufacturing practices, strict quality norms, and the latest infrastructure to deliver production efficiency.


As one of the best planetary gearbox manufacturers in India, Top Gear Transmission does everything to manufacture the best quality customized planetary gearboxes for various applications. The company’s reputed clientele across diverse industries gives it the leading edge over its counterparts and makes it the best choice for planetary gearboxes. For more details, connect with Top Gear at +91-9158009095.


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