We are prominent manufacturers of planetary geared motor 


Top Gear offers Modular design Planetary geared motor with a wide range of different variants suitable for various industrial applications.

The Planetary Geared Motors are offered with IEC motors having ISI standard with IP55 protection & S 4 Class duty, 50 Hz & 440 Volts. The geared motor can be supplied along with electromagnetic brake too as per the demand. Special geared motors are also available as required.

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    Specifications of planetary geared motor

    Planetary Gearbox Power


    0.17 kW to 75 kW

    planetary gearbox tarque

    Torque Capacity

    100 Nm to 1000 kNm

    planetary gearbox speed


    0.02 RPM to 400 RPM

    planetary gearbox mounting


    Flange / Foot / Shaft

    Key Features of planetary geared motor

    • Adaptable to IEC frame Motors – various frequency / voltage or any other special requirement can be meet
    • High torque/weight ratio
    • Modular Design
    • Backstop arrangement available on request
    • Input and output configuration and mounting available with wide range of options

    Benefits OF planetary geared motor

    Motor type & make supplied as per cutomers requirement

    Individual motors can be replaced if required

    Ease of Maintenance

    Rugged Construction

    Adaptable for various mounting positions

    PRODUCT APPLICATIONS OF planetary geared motor

      Machine Tools
    • Plastic Machinery
    • Packaging Machinery
    • Waste Processing Machine
    • Brick Making Machine
    • Baking Machinery
    • Tea Making machinery
    • ESP Wrapping machine

      Textile Machinery
    • Jet Dyeing Machine
      Material Handling
    • Screw feeder
    • Screw Conveyors
    • Belt Conveyors
    • Ash Handling Conveyor
    • Bottle Conveyor
    • Coal Handling Conveyor
    • Chain Conveyors
    • Iron ore Handling Conveyor
      Construction Machinery
    • Bar/Pipe bending Machine
    • Screw conveyor
      Power Plant
    • Ash Handling conveyor
    • Coal Handling Conveyor
    • Rotary Air Lock Valve
    • Travelling Grate
    • Screw Conveyor
    • Screw Feeder
    • Baggase Feeder
    • Baggase Extractor
      Chemical, Paint and Pharma
    • Agitator
    • Reactor Vessel
    • Rotocon Blender
    • Elevator
    • Rotory Airlock Valve

    FAQ About planetary geared motor

    We offer planetary gearbox with foot, flange or shaft type of mounting

    Prime mover can be electric motor, hydraulic motor or engine.

    We provide planetary gearbox from 0.18 kW to 1000 kW

    Normally we provide oil lubrication but in some cases depending upon applications we provide greece lubrication

    Efficiency of planetary gearbox is 96 to 97% for 1st stage and it varies depending upon surface finish

    Thermal rating relates to thermal capacity of gearbox.Thermal rating is continous power transmitted by a gearbox with splash lubrication and maximum oil temperature of 90 degree celcius at ambient temp of 25 degree celciusand input speed 1500 rpm.

    Planetary Gearbox can be upto 6 or 8 stages having reduction ratio from 3 to 1 Million

    Oil grade depends upon the speed and temperature. For low speed high viscosity oil is required whereas for high speeds low viscosity oil is required. Normally, ISO VG 220/320 is commonly used

    For appropriate selection of planetary/bevel/worm gearbox following input data is required 1.Type,power and input speed of prime mover 2. Application of product where it is going to be used along with its operating hours and duty cycle. 3. Output speed or Gear ratio

    Actual Service factor for selected model is ratio of rated torque(max torque transmitting capacity)
    to generated torque(TORQUE GENRATECD DUE TOPRIMEMOVR.It has been introduced to take into account the characteristics and working hours per day of the driven machine. It depends upon application of product along with its operating hours and duty cycle

    95 degree celcius (it may vary depending upon type of lubricant)

    Bearings are selected as per size and application of gearbox. In normal gearboxes ball bearings are used. Where the thrust and radial loads are high Taper roller or spherical roller bearings are used.

    Double Lip oil seals are used in this product