We Serve the Following Industry

Main image for agriculture

Agriculture Industry

Our prime aim is to reduce the efforts of farmer by automating the processes with supply of cost effective products

Main image for construction


With our state-of-the-art design and cutting edge technology, we have been catering the construction industry for more than Two Decades

Main image for environment


It's an pride for us that we are serving this industry to save our environment from the increased pollution and huge waste

Main image for food industry

food industry

Top Gear takes care of food/ Grain from start to end by supplying transmission solutions to various Food applications

Main Image for Industrial Automation 3

Industrial Automation and Machine Tools

We created a unique identity in this industry by supplying gearboxes having key benefits suitable for power-driven m/c

main image for material handling

material handling

Top Gear's wide range of products have been designed with an aim to carry out effective material handling with reduced over all cycle time

Main Image for Mines and minerals1 2

Mining Industry

Our gearboxes are rugged in construction and sturdy to suit harsh and dusty environments typical of mining applications

main image 1

Off Road Vehicles

Top Gear offers wide range of products to cater offroad Vehicles for its effective use in various fields like Mines, Defence and more

Main image for cement industry

cement industry

Top Gear transmission mainly caters to applications from handling of raw material till getting the finished product

Main image for chemical industry

chemical industry

Our Gearboxes are well designed for mixing, agitating process to enhance the transformation of chemical properties.

main image for paper machinery 3

Paper and pulp

Our experience enabled us to deliver custom built and efficient products for effective use in paper & pulp Processing machines

Main image for plastic and rubber industry

plastic & rubber industry

The feature that characterize this sector requires high torque transmitting, compact, and reliable transmission solutions

Main Image for power plant1

power plant

To meet the growing demand of electricity, Top Gear is supplying highly energy efficient products to this industry

Tundish car

Steel & Metal Industry

Metal processing industry in the form of Steel,Copper, Zinc, Aluminium requires conversion of Raw material which comes from mines

main image for sugar industry

sugar industry

We created global foot prints in this segment all over the world by supplying cost effective, reliable and high performance products

Textile Dyeing Machine

Textile industry

It's an pride for us that we our fulfilling one of the most basic needs of human beings(clothing) by serving textile industries

Main image for stone industry

Stone and Marble industry

Top gear contributes in running of this industry by supplying wide range of products which takes care of various processes

wood peeling 2

Wood Working Machinery

Top gear's wide range of products are designed for various machines used to extract plywood and vineyar from wood

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