centrifuge drive

We are the only manufacturers of centrifuge drive in India 

Decanters Centrifuge Gearbox

With our Enormous Research and Development activities, We have came out successfully with Unique design of Centrifuge drive used for decanters, offered in planetary and cycloidal series, with Six different variants designed to meet various torque and speed requirements. Our Centrifuge drive is renowned due to its dynamically balanced components to meet high speeds and precise manufacturing of gears to meet DIN class 5, which is silent in operation and has long life.

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In this PDF you get the following information

    Specifications of centrifuge drive

    Planetary Gearbox Power


    20kW to 150 kW

    planetary gearbox tarque

    Torque Capacity

    2000Nm to 15000 Nm

    planetary gearbox speed

    Differential ratio

    25:1 to 159:1

    planetary gearbox mounting


    Solid Splined / Solid Keyed / Hollow Splined

    Key Features of centrifuge drive

    • Available in Male or female spline output shaft arrangements.
    • The Differential speed can be adjusted with back drive
    • Dynamically Balanced
    • High Internal accuracy of components
    • Wide range of options for input and output configuration and mounting as per customer requirements
    • Hydrodynamic Bearings are used to achieve high speed

    BENEFITS OF centrifuge drive

    High efficiency

    Compact Design

    Highest reliability inbuilt

    Highly customizable to meet various customer requirements

    Most appropiriate material selected for this product over our past experience of more then Two Decades in this field

    Increased life of gearbox and equipment due to high accuracy of dynamically balanced components

    Synthetic Long life lubricated to work in extreme environment conditions.

    Precisely machined to achieve designed accuracy for high speed

    PRODUCT APPLICATIONS OF centrifuge drive

    • Pharma
    • Color industry
    • Petrochemicals
    • waste water treatment
    • Sugar Industry
    • Pulp & Paper industry

    FAQ About centrifuge drive

    Centrifuge gearbox is a kind of gearbox where body rotates at very high speed about 3000-5000 rpm whereas shaft rotates at differential speed. Due to high speed accuracy of the components and balancing of the assemblies are very critical

    It is used in decanter for applications like pharma,crude oil,and waste water. Usually, centrifuge drive is used for seperation of solid and liquid particles.

    Cycloidal or planetary gearbox is used in centrifuge drives

    The ratio of centrifuge gearbox Is 25 to 150

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