Reliability, Lifetime and Safety Factors

Industrial Gearboxes has a wide scope of applications and play an important role for any plant and equipment. Gearboxes are the driving heart for any equipment or machine. Hence it is very important to know about the reliability of the gearboxes. Because, in today’s date the breakdown caused due to failure of gearboxes is completely undesirable both in terms of money and time. Hence reliability of gearboxes is very important to ensure that the given gearbox runs for its designed life. The leading gearbox manufacturers in India like Top Gear Transmissions strive hard to deliver highly reliable gearboxes and geared motors.

highly reliable gearboxes and geared motors - Top Gear Transmissions

Reliability of gearbox is the probability that a gearbox will perform its intended function adequately for a specified period of time, or will operate in a defined environment without failure.

We at Top Gear Transmissions have developed our wide range of industrial gearboxes in such a way that all the all the components in the gearbox are designed for optimum strength. We ensure the reliability of gearboxes by manufacturing the components as per International standards for gears, shafts and bearings with required endurance strength with due care of selection of material & its controlled heat treatment process. Here is Top 6 Maintenance Tips for an Industrial Gearbox.

Designing a Gearbox is like an Art for us

When challenged with the job of designing a new gearbox, we have several suitable calculation methods available for the sizing of the components. Typically, these methods represent the maximum effective stress in the component and the permissible stress for the component. Upon which the safety factor is considered which the ratio of permissible stress is over effective stress. The stress used for the actual strength assessment is called “effective stress” Whereas the maximum stress the material can bear is the allowable permissible stress. The permissible stress is dependent on the number of load cycles. This follows the idea that the damage to a part is caused by the change in stress and leads to S-N curves for the selected materials. With this, the safety factor depends on the number of load cycles. The S-N curves for a specific material are based on tests conducted. In these tests, samples are exposed to alternating load and the number of load cycles until failure is recorded. These load cycles are converted to planned number of hours.

The probability of failure depends upon the application, each application depending upon operation hour’s demands different safety factor. Hence application study is one of the important parameter which should be taken into consideration while designing or suggesting a gearbox for particular application. As a result of which, Top Gear Transmissions  Pre Sales Team is always eager to visit the customer, observe & study the customer application, and suggest the most suitable gearbox for them. On basis of this today Top Gear Transmissions is recognized as one of the renowned gearbox manufacturer in India catering various reputed OEM’s and Government organizations including defense.

Due to today’s competitiveness lot of local manufacturers are offering industrial gearboxes at very low price. To achieve low price they are compromising with reliability of components and are keeping the components under designed for desired safety. Minimizing cost is one of the most important requirements of development process. To meet the pricing requirement of various industries without compromising the reliability and quality, Top gear aims at optimum designing of critical components, the first critical component normally determines the end of life of the complete gear box, and hence we always design such critical components with highest safety factor. The gears for Top Gear’s Gearboxes are designed taking into consideration the material strength values associated with the main failure modes such as pitting or tooth root breakage.  Bearings play a major role in operation of gearboxes; hence the bearings used by Top Gear are of reputed brand makes (SKF, FAG etc.). Whereas overdesigning of all the components unnecessary increases the cost of gearbox. In this way Top Gear maintains the effective balance between designing of parts and are able to deliver cost effective planetary gearbox, geared motors  and other transmission products which are of high quality and highly reliable. With adequate amount of safety, low noise and high efficiency.

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