An Industrial Equipment used to separate solids and liquids by employing centrifugal force using an automated and continuous process. 

In this process the decanter consisting of a rotating bowl or cylindrical drum spins at high speed. Heavier particles are forced to outer wall due to centrifugal force, while the clarified liquid or water remains near the center, allowing efficient separation.


The Centrifugal Decanter’s gearbox is an essential component that facilitates the separation process. Its rotating body, operating at 3000 revolutions per minute (rpm), creates the necessary centrifugal force. This force enables the effective separation of sludge from water within the decanter. By achieving high rotational speeds, the gearbox ensures swift and efficient processing of the liquid-solid mixture, making it a vital part of the decanter system.

      Dynamic balancing of the gearbox is a critical aspect that ensures stable and vibration-free operation. As the gearbox rotates at high speeds, any imbalance in its components can lead to vibrations and potential damage to the system. Dynamic balancing involves adjusting the mass distribution within the gearbox to eliminate vibrations, increase its lifespan, and enhance overall reliability.


  1. Wastewater Treatment: Centrifugal Decanters are extensively used in wastewater treatment plants to separate sludge and other solid particles from the treated water. This helps in producing clarified water that can be discharged safely or reused, while the separated sludge can be further processed or disposed of properly.
  2. Food Processing: In the food industry, decanters are utilized for separating solids from liquids in various processes like fruit and vegetable juice extraction, vegetable oil refining, and starch extraction. They aid in obtaining high-quality products and improving production efficiency.
  3. Olive Oil Production: Centrifugal Decanters are employed in the extraction of olive oil from olive paste. The decanter separates the oil from water and other impurities, resulting in a purer and higher yield of olive oil.
  4. Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries: Decanters play a crucial role in chemical and pharmaceutical processes, helping to separate solids from liquids, perform solvent recovery, and purify various chemical compounds.
  5. Oil and Gas Industry: Decanters are used for various applications in the oil and gas sector, such as sludge dewatering, wastewater treatment, and crude oil separation processes.
  6. Mining and Mineral Processing: Decanters are utilized in the mining industry for solid-liquid separation in processes like tailings dewatering and mineral concentration.
  7. Environmental Remediation: In environmental clean-up efforts, Centrifugal Decanters can be employed to separate contaminants from water or soil, aiding in the remediation of polluted sites.
  8. Industrial Biotechnology: Decanters are utilized in biotechnology processes for cell separation and the extraction of bioproducts from fermentation broth.


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